About Us

Our Slogans

  1. We Provide solutions.
  2. We help you realise your potential.
  3. We value & respect both our clients as well as our support workers.
Opal Ability Care - about us
Opal Ability Care - about us

Our Values

  1. Empathy & Adaptable
  2. Honesty & Integrity
  3. Respect & Integrity
  4. Passion & compassion
Opal Ability Care Mission

Our Mission

We are committed to improving lives of people with disability through passion, empathy and professionalism.

Opal Ability Care name

Our Name

Opal is the national gemstone of Australia. The dreamtime stories of first Australians relate that the beautiful colours of opal were created when the rainbow touched the earth. The gemstone is also believed to be associated with healing. Hence we chose Opal to be the name of our new business.

Opal Ability Care vision

Our Vision

We aim at substantially reducing the everyday challenges of people with disability making their daily living more fulfilling and meaningful.