Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Opal Ability Care house hold tasks service

In order to maintain a safe, secure and healthy environment for our clients, we offer assistance with domestic chores all around the house.

Opal Ability Care innovative community participation service

A general sense of wellbeing is dependent upon how much connected we are with society through social interactions and participation.

Opal Ability Care accommodation & tenancy service

At Opal Ability Care, we provide one on one support to assist participants to achieve their individual Accommodation and Tenancy goals.


Engage the Community People with impairments can participate in social activities.


OPAL Ability Care provides participants with care support needs with specialized nursing care.


Interacting in recreational activities leads to the development of beneficial friendships and connections.


We want to enable a disabled person to use our assistive devices for everyday domestic duties.


We have highly trained and qualified carers to assure complete confidence and safety when providing personal care to you loved one.


The primary goal of Assistance with Daily Tasks/Shared Living is to help clients improve their domestic skills to live independently.


OPAL Ability’s primary areas of expertise are specialized in recreation equipment and modifications to recreational equipment.


People with disabilities come in several groups. Every disabled individual faces a unique set of health issues and difficulties.


OPAL Ability Assist offers NDIS participants the most practical transportation & travel assistance as a licensed NDIS Service Provider.


Generous Support offers participants with disabilities “Development of Daily Living and Life Skills” to help them with training and development skills that can increase their ability to live independently and accomplish their individual goals.


Our Assist-Life Stage Transition program provides both short- and long-term assistance with living at home, community participation, and assisting you in coordinating your own support.


The use of functional skills to improve participation and independence in daily, practical activities in language and communication, personal care, mobility and movement, interpersonal interactions